Rim High Seniors Gain $132,850 in Scholarships from Mountain Community

The Mountain Community has provided $132,850 in scholarships to Rim High School seniors, as reported in the Mountain News. Mountain Storage donated $500, as it has done for many years.  This was the second year where all applying applicants were awarded a scholarship.  The Mountain Community has shown time and again that they are investing in the future by aiding in the pursuit of higher education and greater academia.

A total of 182 scholarship awards were granted to 76 students, amounting to $132,850, and all of this was made possible by community funding and donations. The Rim of the World Communities Scholarship Council alone granted $35,700 in scholarships to 48 recipients. The night’s celebrations included the presentation of the awards and inspirational speeches. Recipients were encouraged to use the scholarship towards their education so that one day each of them can, in turn, give back to the community.

Mountain Storage donated $500 towards the scholarships because we believe that education is the pathway to a bright and prosperous future. We believe that the children of today will become the innovators and pioneers of the world of tomorrow and help us to realize our dreams. Giving and investing in our community is a philosophy that we harbor with great conviction and we are absolutely proud to have been part of helping the Rim of the World Scholars.

To see the entire list of scholarhip receipients, you can click on the link to Mountain News for more details: http://www.mountain-news.com/mountain_living/article_fb8e11aa-3358-11e6-9335-cb3154439f0d.html

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